Neopets Prize Codes Are Here and Ready


Neopets created some special prize codes just for our collaboration. We are happy to announce that your Neopets prize codes are finally ready to be sent. 

You will receive an email from “Overpowered” with the subject line “Neopets Prize Codes”

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers:

What if I ordered my Neopets merch earlier?

You will receive prize codes as well...whether you still play or not. 

How many prize codes will I receive?

Every item you order equals 1 prize code. So, if you order the 3-pin multi pack you get 3 prize codes. If you ordered a keychain and pin pack, you will receive 2 prize codes per pack. (So if you ordered 3 pin and keychain packs, you will receive 6 prize codes.)

You sent me a free item. Will I receive a prize code for that?

Sorry. Nope. We’re nice...but not that nice. 

How can I get more prize codes? 

Get more merch! Make sure you’re subscribed to our email newsletter where we will release new products first and announce special offers and pre-orders. 

Totally not related question...but are you guys gonna come out with new merch? 

First of all, who said we were all guys? Christina, our packaging designer, might be offended. 

But the answer is....YES!

Make sure you get on the newsletter for new Neopets merch.

Totally other unrelated question...are you gonna do a poll to see what items to make next?

Yes. Do you want to help us organize a poll and get the millions of Neopians to take it? 

Get in touch.

Send an email to letting us know how you would like to help. Please PLEASE PLEASE don’t send your votes by email. 

You rock!