Take a Closer Look at Our Baby Neopets Pins!

Neopets have been a worldwide phenomenon for nearly two decades, and the virtual pet website is only continuing to grow in popularity. We’ve been Neopets fans for years, and we couldn’t be happier to be bringing the species you know and love to life. In today’s post, we’d like to introduce you to three of our newest Neopets pins.

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Baby Kougra Pin 

Kougras are Mystery Island natives, and they’re also some of the most fun and whimsical characters you’ll find in Neopia. While you’ll find adult Kougras in a multitude of different colors, this Neopets pin features the yellow and tan color scheme of the baby Kougras. We didn’t cut any corners when we created this pin — while many enamel pin manufacturers are making their pins thin to cut their production costs, we opted to create a thicker pin that won’t easily bend or break. We’ve also chosen to utilize high-quality paint that stays true to the colors from Neopia while also protecting the pin from chips and scratches.

Baby Shoyru Pin 

Shoyrus are a small, dragon-like species that often inhabit the skies of Neopia. While adult Shoyrus have multiple color variations, baby Shoyrus are always a shade of light green. Staying true to the game, this pin features an adorable baby Shoyru wearing yellow and light-blue pajamas along with a cute yellow pacifier. This pin comes with two rubber clasps that allow you to safely attach it to a hat, backpack, purse, or a piece of clothing!

Baby Kacheek Pin 

The baby Kacheek pin might just be the most adorable piece of Neopets merch in our catalog. With rosy red cheeks, a cute diaper, and a vibrant yellow bib, you won’t be able to stop smiling whenever you look at this pin. Like our other Neopets pins, we’ve chosen to use nothing but the best materials and paint to bring this species to life. Featuring flawlessly smooth paint, beveled edges, and two rubber clasps on the back, we’re proud to call this baby Kacheek pin a work of art.

We hope that this video will inspire you to purchase the species you know and love. Whether you’re heading to a gaming convention or you’re simply looking for a way to bring your favorite species into the world, our Neopets keychains and pins are the perfect way to show your enthusiasm to the world. We have many more Neopets pins and keychains, so take a look at our catalog to find and order your favorite species!

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*All of our Neopets merchandise is officially licensed by Neopets and Jumpstart games.