Three Gaming Pins You Should Be Wearing

If you’re like most young people, then you probably have an enamel pin collection. Whether you enjoy collecting pins from your favorite bands or you enjoy finding interesting superhero designs at gaming conventions, enamel pins are one of the best ways to help you discover a common interest with someone else. In today’s post, we’ll provide you with information about three of our gaming pins that we’re particularly proud of. When you’ve finished reading this post, head over to our website and order enamel pins to grow your collection!

Check Out Our Gaming Pins!

Neopets Kougra Pin 

As we noted in a previous post, Neopets is a massive enterprise that has been around since 1999, and it’s continuing to grow in popularity. We recently released several new Neopets pins that feature eye-catching colors and high-quality paint, and the Kougra pin is now one of our most popular items.

Kougras are one of the many species that inhabit the Neopet universe, also known as Neopia. Kougras are primarily distinguished from other Neopets by their striped tails and oversized ears. They enjoy playfully fighting amongst themselves, and if you’re lucky, they may even let you join in!

If you’re looking for even more Neopets pins, we have a complete set that includes several other species from Neopia!

Loading… Bronze Bunny Pin 

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a die-hard enthusiast, we’re willing to bet that you’ve experienced the frustration of waiting for your computer to load (especially if you’re about to enter a dangerous or important area!). You probably lose your connection at the worst possible moments, and your teammates are all just as sick of your computer as you are. If this sounds like a regular day in your life, then this gaming pin is for you! While we hope that you’ll be investing in a new computer sometime in the near future, this gaming pin is an inexpensive way of laughing off your frustration.

Overpowered Pin 

The Overpowered gaming pin isn’t just a way for you to support our brand, it’s also a way to show your enthusiasm for gaming culture in general. At Overpowered, we firmly believe that gamers should proudly showcase their love of gaming to the world. Whether you’re an avid eSports viewer or you’re training for a professional gaming competition yourself, the Overpowered pin shows the world that you take your hobby seriously. This gaming pin is perfect for many of this summer’s upcoming conventions, so pick one up for yourself before they’re gone!

We hope that one of these pins will become your favorite addition to a hat, backpack, shirt, or anything else that looks great with the addition of an enamel pin! If you’re looking for other gaming pins, just head over to our catalog and browse our selection of gaming merch. We have everything from Neopets pins to eSports merchandise, and with so many gaming and comic book conventions taking place this summer, we’re willing to bet that you need something to complete your wardrobe. Browse the Overpowered catalog and order enamel pins today!