You and Your Pokemon Go Pins

Hey folks!

What a blast of a weekend! Sarnaa and I have been working almost non-stop to make sure everything runs smoothly for the week. So I figured we should keep you all updated on what we've been doing.

Over the weekend we've been reaching out and responding to your questions and concerns. We're glad that there's so much participation and support on our Facebook page and we want to continue that. Our goal is to create a community for the gamer in you - a place for you to share your ideas and creative flair and have it see the light of day.

Future products:
Sportswear, polos, button downs. Outside of tank tops, I don't think I've ever seen awesome gaming designs on breathable sports shirts. Or how about polos and button downs for the office programmer who also games? These are the things we want to produce - high quality designs for high quality apparel. You'll get to meet our team of artists and see what they're working on every step of the way.

Pins and shipping:
The pins turned out nicer than the mockups on the website - check the picture and let all your friends know! We've received all of your orders and now we're working on processing them and getting them shipped out to you. Pretty soon you'll be able to rep your team in style.

Thank you again for all of your responses and support. I look forward to hearing more from you, the community, and we'll keep working hard to provide quality products for you, the gamers.

Game on,