Baby Shoyru **Pre-sale**
Baby Shoyru **Pre-sale**

Baby Shoyru **Pre-sale**

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**PRE-SALE** Pre-order now and receive an additional prize code by email today. Pin delivery in June.

Proudly display your passion for Neopets with Overpowered and Neopets Baby Shoyru pin!


  • Vivid, eye-catching colors that won’t scratch or fade easily
  • The ideal addition to a hat, jacket, backpack, purse, or laptop bag

Shoyrus are one of the many species that inhabit the skies of Neopia. Though Shoyrus may look like baby dragons, they don’t breathe fire and are one of the friendliest species in Neopia (Despite the rumors you may have heard!).

What’s included:

  • One 1.25 soft lapel enamel pin
  • Butterfly clasp back for a secure fit
  • One (2) Neopets Virtual Prize Code (via email)

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*This Neopets merchandise is officially licensed from Neopets and Jumpstart Games.