Team Elements Polo
Team Elements Polo

Team Elements Polo

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Team Elements is inspired by the heart, energy, and team spirit of the best eSports teams in the industry!


  • Overpowered’s signature fire, earth, wind, and water elements
  • 100 percent cotton that delivers a soft feel and professional look
  • Pre-shrunk to prevent surprises after washing and drying
  • Looks great on every body type!

It takes a dedicated group of unique individuals to form a successful eSports team, and we designed our Elements products to recognize and celebrate that fact. Each element – wind, earth, fire, and water – represents what each member of the team brings to overpower the toughest of competitors. Whether you’re the team’s tank, mage, archer, warrior, or some other combination, our Team Elements polo will capture your talents perfectly!

Overpowered is a lifestyle gaming brand for people who want to showcase their love of gaming and eSports in a classy and professional way. Our online store has a wide selection of gaming pins, eSports apparel, and more!

What’s included:

  • One black Overpowered Team Elements polo shirt
  • Available in:
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large
    • XL
  • See our size chart below!