Kill Secured Bronze Bunny Pin

Kill Secured Bronze Bunny Pin

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There’s no kill stealing here, it was all part of the plan! Pick up this funny gaming pin for yourself or the vulture on your team!


  • Overpowered’s bronze bunny proudly taking credit for all the work he didn’t do
  • Vibrant colors that will catch the eyes of your friends and foes alike
  • The perfect addition to a hat, backpack, shirt, or purse!

You’re at the top of the charts, but only because you’re “assisting” your teammates with their kills. If you’re proud of your ability to swoop in at the last minute to secure a kill, or you have a teammate who incessantly “assists” you, this is the perfect pin for you! Overpowered’s hilarious bronze bunny pins and creative RPG pins are the perfect way to show your friends how much you appreciate their contributions (or lack thereof) to the team!

What’s included:

  • One, 1.25-inch soft enamel lapel gaming pin
  • Butterfly clasp back