Neopets Baby Cybunny Enamel Keychain

Neopets Baby Cybunny Enamel Keychain

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Add an adorable baby Neopet to your outfit with this Neopets keychain from Overpowered!

  • Long-lasting colors and durable enamel that won’t scratch, chip, or scuff easily
  • The ideal way to customize a backpack, laptop bag, purse, or jacket

Natives of Terror Mountain, Cybunnies are one of the cutest species around, and this Neopets keychain is the perfect way to show the world their cuteness! Their thick fur allows them to spend hours in the notoriously cold climate of Terror Mountain, and they love playing games in the snow with their friends. It’s difficult to find tasty treats around Terror Mountain, but Cybunnies are well-known for their appetites. With more than 66 color combinations, it’s rare to find two Cybunnies that look alike!

What’s included:

  • One 1.25-inch hard enamel Baby Cybunny keychain with hook and keyring
  • Two (2) Neopets virtual prize codes (sent directly to your email)

*This Neopets merchandise is officially licensed from Jumpstart Games and Neopets.