Neopets Baby Kougra Enamel Keychain

Neopets Baby Kougra Enamel Keychain

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Add an adorable face to your keys, purse, or backpack with this Neopets keychain from Overpowered!

  • Vibrant yellow, tan, and white paint that will last for years to come
  • High-quality enamel that won’t bend or break easily

This Neopets accessory is the perfect way to show your love of Neopets and gaming culture to the world. Kougras (koo-gras) are natives of Mystery Island who closely resemble tigers in their appearance, but have a markedly different disposition. Kougras love feasting on the sweet and delicious fruits found around Mystery Island, and one of their favorite activities is to go bowling with coconuts. Kougras are known for their massive paws — even when they’re young! They love pouncing and playing with each other, so be ready for a tackle if you add one to your collection! Whether you’re going to a convention or a professional gaming competition, this Neopets keychain will catch the eyes of fellow enthusiasts!

What’s included:

  • One 1.25-inch Baby Kougra hard enamel keychain with keyring and hook
  • Two (2) Neopets virtual prize codes (delivered via email)

*This gaming merchandise is licensed from Neopets and Jumpstart Games.
*All of our Neopets pins are licensed from Neopets and Jumpstart Games.