Neopets Baby Lupe Enamel Keychain

Neopets Baby Lupe Enamel Keychain

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Add a cute face to your purse, keychain, or backpack with this Neopets accessory from Overpowered!

  • Durable enamel and long-lasting paint that won’t easily chip or scuff
  • Vibrant shades of purple, tan, and red that will last for years to come

This Neopets accessory is the perfect way to show your love of Neopets to the world. Lupe (loop) closely resemble wolves, but they’re some of the nicest Neopets in Neopia. They enjoy seeing new sights and meeting new people, and they’re well-known for their abundance of loyalty and bravery. They’re also known for being a bit too ambitious and slightly overconfident, especially when they’re young! Lupes love going for adventures, so bring one with you on your next trek across Neopia!

What’s included:

  • One 1.25-inch hard enamel Baby Lupe Neopets keychain with a hook and keyring
  • Two (2) virtual Neopets prize codes (delivered directly to your email inbox)

*This Neopets accessory is licensed by Jumpstart Games and Neopets.