Neopets Baby Shoyru Enamel Keychain

Neopets Baby Shoyru Enamel Keychain

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Collect Neopia’s favorite species with this Neopets accessory from Overpowered!

  • Vibrant shades of green, blue, and yellow
  • High-quality enamel that won’t easily bend, scuff, or chip
  • The perfect way to customize your keys, purse, or backpack!

This Neopets keychain is the perfect way to show the world that you’ve been a fan since the beginning! Shoyrus are the most popular species in Neopia, with more than 15 million in existence as of November 2009 (we can only imagine what that number is today!). Shoyrus love to fly, and you will often find them soaring high above the mountains and valleys of Neopia. While baby Shoyrus are cute and cuddly, many find the adults to be intimidating. Contrary to the rumors you’ve probably heard, Shoyrus do not have the ability to breathe fire — in fact, they’re some of the nicest Neopets you’ll encounter.

What’s included:

  • One 1.25-inch hard enamel Baby Shoyru Neopets keychain with a keyring and hook
  • Two (2) virtual Neopets prize codes (delivered to your email inbox)

*This Neopets accessory is officially licensed from Neopets and Jumpstart Games.