Salty Bronze Bunny Pin

Salty Bronze Bunny Pin

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Is there more salt in you than the Dead Sea? This is the pin for you!


  • Overpowered’s bronze bunny in a very salty mood
  • Vibrant colors that are sure to catch the eyes of your friends and family
  • The perfect addition to a hat, shirt, jacket, or backpack!

Have you ever gone to bed thinking about a match that you should have won? Have you ever thrown your headset across the room in disgust at something that happened? Whether you just had a kill stolen or you barely lost a match against opponents you should have easily crushed, you’ve probably felt salty after something unfortunate happens in a game. We know that feeling intimately as gamers, and we created this pin for those situations when you’re feeling downright salty.

What’s included:

  • One, 1.25-inch soft lapel enamel gaming pin
  • Butterfly clasp back