Wind Element Pin

Wind Element Pin

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Broadcast your love of gaming and eSports culture with our stylish gaming pins!


  • Elegant wind-inspired design
  • The perfect addition to your backpack, purse, hat, or shirt!

People sporting the Wind Element Pin are socially charming, but they don’t always play by the rules. They go with the flow and throw tradition to the wind. If your favorite character is magic-based and your frequently defend yourself and your team with spells, the Wind Element Pin will perfectly reflect your personality. Overpowered is a lifestyle gaming brand that is changing the way gamers present themselves to the world. Our brand exudes style and sophistication, and our pins are a classy way to showcase your love of eSports and gaming culture!

What’s included:

  • One, one-inch Wind Element lapel pin
  • Rubber back clasp

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